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All Websites are Designed, Developed and Programmed for Search Engine Marketing.

When search engine marketing elements are "built-in" to your site; your website will have better search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, AOL, and Alta Vista.At Website Design LA we have an extensive experience in SEO marketing and we have great success with search engine rankings for our clients. Our search engine optimization services include:

  • Business analysis
  • Entertainment Web Design
  • Optimized web page design
  • Link exchange
  • Website submission with top keywords for search engines
  • Constant website updates and maintenance
  • Evaluate your current website and your competition
Let us help take your Internet marketing strategies into the 21st century.

Los Angeles Web VIDEO Development

New WEB VIDEO is now available from Website Design LA. Add webvideo to your site and give your visitors a full, rich and compelling vision of your company or product. Webvideo is much more exciting than just pictures and text. Viewers can get the best version of your sales pitch - day or night.Webvideo production is simple and easy - It's only a crew of one or two award-winning filmmakers so you won't have to worry about a disrupting business. Interviews of your staff and or clients/customers are shot and edited together with your message goals. We work with you in creating the image and key ideas you want to project. Three weeks later, we upload the video to your website.
We also help you get more attention by uploading your webvideo onto YouTube, GoogleVideo and Yahoo Video. By adding tags and key words, your webvideo can also drive traffic to your site.We've been producing webvideo since 2000 and have a solid knowledge of evolving technologies. Our clients are very happy with our work and have seen amazing success in their business - in some cases literally doubling profits because of our webvideos.
Every kind of company can benefit from a webvideo. We've produced webvideos for real estate homes tours, national corporations, restaurant chains, mom and pop stores, workshops, major universities, behind-the-scenes of network television shows, auto repair shops, dentists, environmental companies, event and concert shows, weddings, hotels and many, many more.
Hiring a television crew to shoot a low budget local commercial for your business costs an average of $10,000 dollars. Then you pay for that spot to air every so often to a random audience - then it's gone forever. With a webvideo, it's "airing" all the time for free on your site as well as YouTube, GoogleVideo and YahooVideo. Everyone wants to watch video on the Internet. Now you can have a custom-made webvideo for your business at a fraction of television production cost! Find out more by emailing at sales@websitedesignla.com or calling at 310-266-9110.
Here at webdesignersla.com , apart from the images and all the information that can be uploaded on your site, we can help you now to present the message of your company through a webvideo, which is much more exciting, and in many cases more informative, than just pictures and text. Consequently viewers and potential customers are able to get the message of your company, project, product or samples of your work. A webvideo is a great way to allow viewers to fully comprehend your message. For all of the above and any other information you want to acquire, find out more by emailing us at sales@websitedesignla.com or calling us at 310-266-9110.
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Please be aware that getting your website noticed and found is not something
that happens accidentally. High Search Engine results begin with inspired design
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how this works. We will be at your disposal for further details.

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